Mini Bikini

The adage “less is more” could not be more true when one romps on the beach in a mini bikini. Though bikinis are daring enough, putting a mini spin to this two-piece swimwear certainly turns up the heat this summer.

The bikini was once called the tiniest swimsuit one has ever seen. With more and more women daring to wear one, it eventually became standard wear when one wants to soak up the sun and enjoy the summer. It is a good piece to show off that great body that one has worked so hard for. Another advantage of wearing this micro bikini is that one is able to have more areas tanned  evenly. But as time passed, trends have evolved as well. Gadgets and other items has shrunk through the years, and the bikini is not one to be left behind. Its mini version was invented to cater to women who want have a golden tan by exposing more. Here is how the parts of this swimwear have shrunk, courtesy of the mini version.

mini bikini

Tiny tops

Women have enjoyed the many styles and kinds of bikini tops through the years. However, with the mini version, these tops have certainly received an upgrade in sexiness by using lesser fabric. Triangle-style bikini tops that used to offer maximum support and coverage to the bust part were given the mini treatment and eventually became sexier pieces. These tiny tops  amped up the sexiness of the bikini by emphasizing the shape of one’s breasts. Halter tops still offered the same maximum support but showed more of the cleavage with its mini version. Though the bandeau style downplayed the large busts of top-heavy women, the mini style used narrower bands and even tighter fits to flaunt this feature.

mini bikini top micro bikini top tiny bikini top

Teeny bottoms

Bikini bottoms range from providing maximum support and coverage to being barely there at all. With a mini spin on these, whatever type of bottom instantly becomes a hip and sexy type of clothing that will certainly draw attention whether one is at a beach or by the pool. A mini bikini bottom can give observers a cheeky view of the rear part of the body by using lesser fabric. Though appearing modest at front, mini bottoms are teasing enough when viewed from behind. For those who want to bare more of their behinds, thongs may be the perfect garment with just a tiny string sitting on the tailbone. G-strings also use a little patch of fabric that covers the crotch and is connected to the waistband by a tiny string in between the buttocks.

mini bikini bottom micro bikini bottom thong bikini bottom

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