Extreme Mini Bikini

Dare to be different this summer by putting on that extreme mini bikini. This kind of swimwear will surely keep heads turning and tongues clucking when you wear it to the beach or by the pool. If you have got the hot bod to show off, all you need is the right amount of confidence to wear one this summer. This teeny piece of swimwear is best for sunbathing or getting that golden tan. This can also be worn during private events such as an intimate party with your loved one.

Compared to most types of bikini, the extreme swimwear will take you to an entirely new level of sexiness. Here are just some of the key factors that distinguish one from the other:


A regular bikini usually offers adequate coverage for the bust, crotch, and rear areas. In this type of beachwear, these areas of coverage are minimized with lesser fabric used. Some extreme types of swimwear almost have a complete disregard for coverage and even come so close to not providing any at all. The good thing about this is that wearers can get an even tan in almost all parts of the body.


The cut of a regular bikini is such that it flatters and supports certain parts of the body while still providing ample coverage. With almost nothing to cover, the cut of this type of swimwear definitely more than just flatters the body. Bikini bottoms feature low-cut waistlines, while tops feature maximum exposure of the cleavage.


The extreme swimwear is also radical when it comes to the choice of fabric. Regular bikinis and other types of swimwear often use spandex and nylon, which holds up so well even while in water. Since the extreme swimwear is best for lounging or posing on dry land, other types of fabrics are used as well. It comes in see through variants, which bare all that has been covered. Sheer when wet or sheer when even dry mesh can bring out the best parts of the wearer, though these are more suitable for private use. Taking this mini bikini to a more exotic level, bathing suits made out of fishnet are also popular choices for those who want to sizzle up their summers with their partners in private.

This beachwear can also can also come with no fabric at all. Instead a series of strings crisscross the body, providing coverage where the strings may fall. Gem-studded pendants, metal rings, and other accessories can also be part of its enhanced design.