Micro Mini Bikini

Things just keep getting smaller and smaller nowadays, and micro mini bikini seems to fit the bill. This a beachwear trend that seems to suit everyone just fine. Though wearing a bikini to the beach or by the pool can certainly flatter your figure, donning a micro mini will certainly spark up some flames. Because of its cut, this type of swimwear is not for the prudent or the faint-hearted. If you will dare to wear one, remember that this two-piece goes for exposure more than coverage. In revealing more flesh, it is best for sunbathing to get that perfect tan in almost all parts of the body.

Micro tops

Bikini tops come in a variety of styles and designs that flatter and support one’s bust area. But with a micro mini spin on these tried and tested pieces, what was once conventional has become a hot piece for any beach getaway. The triangle-style top provided moderate coverage of the bust area while allowing for freedom of movement. For micro bikinis, however, there is lesser coverage that there is so little that is left to the imagination. Halter and bandeau tops initially provided the proper support for women who are top-heavy. Micro mini tops also provide almost the same support but are made more appealing and sexier by showing more cleavage and more skin.

Mini bottoms

Bikini bottoms are made more exciting when given the micro mini spin. Though there are a variety of bottoms that provide coverage ranging from moderate to almost nothing, the micro mini design makes them more exciting pieces to watch out for. Whereas a regular bikini goes for coverage, a mini bottom would go for exposure. They seem to enhance the rear and crotch part by using as little fabric as possible. Whether it is the smallest triangle of cloth sitting on the tailbone or a thin string right between the rear cheeks, this swimwear will surely fire up the summer.

Bikini fabrics

This type of swimwear can be made from a variety of fabrics. Some micro minis are made from reliable spandex or nylon that holds well when wet. Those made from sheer when wet fabric will surely keep men drooling and wait for the wearer to come out of the water. Those who just plan to stay dry can opt for those made from other types of fabric such as crochet, leather, metallic cloth, and perhaps even latex.