Mini Skirt Bikini

Frolic guiltlessly this summer with a mini skirt bikini. Though it is mostly young girls who wear these built-in ruffles with their bathing suits, the mini skirt has recently been part of adult women’s swimwear. In a bold move by some known designers and swimwear retail stores, skirted bikinis are in fashion. So now, not only the faint-hearted are seen wearing a skirt to the beach. These mini skirts for swimming are so much more than just decorations and embellishments for your bikini. They also help cover some flaws and emphasize some features without having to bear all.


Aside from being in fashion, there are also other reasons for wearing a skirted bikini bottom this summer, such as:

To cover up those stretch marks

For women who have unsightly blemishes on their rear, skirted bikini bottoms may just be the thing to hide stretch marks and skin discoloration. A mini skirt can effectively camouflage what you want to hide without constricting your movement or freedom.

To emphasize small hips and waists

For those who have stick-straight figures, this bikini bottom may just do the trick of making it appear like one has a curvaceous figure. Mini skirts can draw attention to your waist and hips.

For decency’s sake

Those who still are not used to baring all in public can resort to wearing skirted bottoms. Bikini sets can come with bottoms with built-in skirts or matching skirts that can be removed or put on accordingly.

Skirt designs

Though most swimwear skirts have ruffles attached to the legholes, now, there are more variations and designs to choose from. Ruffles still figure much in today’s skirted bottoms. However, it is the placement of these ruffles that make them appealing even for fashion-forward wearers. Ruffles can be placed on the middle part of the bikini bottom, serving to emphasize the size and shape of one’s behind. Bands of cloth can also be attached to the bottom, serving as a built-in tube skirt that can be pulled up or down depending on the wearer’s preference. Pleats are also popular styles that are built into bikini bottoms. The length of current skirts for bikinis vary, but most tend to fall just a little past the buttocks to emphasize the curve and the legs. Detachable mini skirts can also come in wrap-around or sarong styles and may be worn by women of all ages because of their varied styles, sizes, and fits.