Mini String Bikini

Put that string bikini in your shopping list this summer if you have that body to die for or guts that won’t let you be bothered being stared at. If you don’t have any idea how this type of swimwear looks like, then try imagining your regular bikini, but this time without the fabric covering those essential parts. What you are left with are just strings that can frame or cover those important bits, revealing more than hiding. This type of beachwear will surely keep men’s eyes fixated on you as you walk along the beach or lounge by the pool. This, however, is not allowed for use in some public areas where young children may be present. Nevertheless, you can still wear these mini string creations for any private pool or beach party.

String tops

Mini string tops definitely leave almost nothing to the imagination. In fact, some designs don’t even try to hide anything anymore. These tops can either frame the breasts or have a strip or two hiding just the nipple for coverage. Some designs also use metal rings or pendants that can cover the nipple area or serve as anchors on which the strings are connected. These tops are not just sexy, but perfect for a steaming encounter with a loved one.

String bottoms

Of course, sultry string tops can also be paired with skimpy bottoms that leave almost everything uncovered. Mini string bottoms also don’t do much when it comes to covering one’s essential parts. They do, however, make a pretty package out of your assets that will make unwrapping it so much more exciting. Bear in mind that wearing this type of swimwear can also bring some discomfort, such as having those scrutinizing eyes fixated all over your body. Therefore, it is best to reserve wearing strings in private locations or when with your loved one.

These bottoms come in different designs and styles. The G-string is a kind of string bottom that still has a small piece of cloth that sits on the tailbone. The V-string gets rid of the small triangle of cloth and instead has two separate strings to serve as the waistband. The peekaboo style of string bottoms definitely leave nothing else covered. But if you want to cover some essential parts of your body, pendants and other accessories may also be featured in some designs of this swimwear. Just remember to pick the right size and color for you.