Thong Bikini

The thong bikini and some DO’S and DON’TS that come along with the decision to wear one!
A thong bikini is one of the smallest pieces of swimwear a person will own. It’s nature is revealing so make sure that you are making the right choices before deciding to step out in the great wide open with your new found confidence. There are certain things you must keep in mind when deciding to wear a thong bikini on the beautiful, hot and clear sky sun worshiping days.

DO keep in mind that a thong bikini is not for everyone; keep your figure in mind before selecting this delectable day wear.

DON’T choose a size that is too small. You may appear to be larger than you really are and sizing up may make all the difference. Remember muffin tops are a breakfast food, not a thong bikini style.

DO feel free to get funky with it and mix and match patterns with solids! It’s a fun and flirty look that can really let you show off your personal style.

DON’T wear high heals to the beach ladies! They look out of place and you are going to roll your ankle trying to look sexy when really it looks silly. This is the beach not the nightclub.

DO wax or shave! Those little stragglers are not looking sexy they look scary. Make sure you are properly groomed for the coverage you have chosen please.

DON’T forget sunscreen! Slather sunscreen on ALL exposed areas of your body. Sure your thong bikini is hot now but wait until your fanny is burnt to a crisp, NOT HOT!

DO and this is the most important thing on the list, own that thong bikini. Wear it and have fun doing it! Not everyone can sport it and if you can hold your head up high and strut your stuff.